What Really Happens on a Honeymoon


What Happens During a Honeymoon in Real Life?

Isn’t it true that your honeymoon will consist of nothing but bedroom romps and lavish beach lounge chairs with expertly made cocktails? Certainly not.

No, what exactly do people do on their honeymoons? According to Laura Brotherson, a marital and sex therapist, “many couples naturally expect that their honeymoon will be anything akin to a chick flick with all of the excitement and lust.”

And, while it will undoubtedly be amazing, it will also be full of unexpected twists and turns that no one has ever told you before. Here’s the lowdown on what goes on during a honeymoon.

The journey will get you closer to each other.

Any holiday that allows two friends to exchange moments and create memories will bring them closer together, but there’s something unique about checking into a hotel as a married couple, just as there’s something special about asking the waiter you’re spending your first days as a married couple. On your honeymoon, it finally sinks in that you’re in this for the long haul and it’s official.

Sex Won’t Have to Be a Regular Occurrence

We asked 138 newlyweds how many times they got busy in a poll of 138 newlyweds. The responses ranged from many times a day to none at all. The majority of people (32 percent) said they go down at least once a day. When one of the brides we questioned said her husband wasn’t involved in sex on a regular basis, she realized something was wrong. “On the fourth day of our honeymoon, when my husband refused to get into bed with me, I called a friend and asked aloud if something was already wrong with our marriage. Isn’t it true that you’re going to have sex every single day of your vacation?”

There’s no such thing as “supposed to”—every pair is unique, and the bride isn’t alone: 28 percent of newlyweds said they were intimate every few days. Another 28% said they had sex more than once a day; 6% said it happened only once on the trip; and the other 6% said they had no sex at all.

You’ll Discover New Information About Your Partner

You may believe you know everything there is to know about your husband, but according to our poll, 21% of brides found something different about them on their honeymoon. One bride revealed, “I discovered my husband enjoys spa treatments just as much as I do.” Another bride revealed, “He is outstanding at driving on twisting country roads.” “It’s not a good idea for us to go sea kayaking together,” a third bride admitted.

You’re Going to Tell Everyone You’re a Newlywed

You do not wear anything with “Mrs.” written on it (though if you do, wear it proudly), but you’ll undoubtedly find yourself telling someone about it. As an older couple told her they’d been together for 50 years while she and her husband were on vacation in Maui, the usually quiet bride couldn’t help but exclaim, “We’ve been married four days!”


Not only should you inform your fellow travelers of the good news, but you should also mention it while making your hotel reservation and checking in. Most hotels and resorts have something exclusive in store for newlyweds, from free drinks to accommodation upgrades, so don’t be timid and take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

It’s possible that you’ll find yourself avoiding social media in the future.

Sure, you’ll continue to update your phone and social media pages now and then, however also partners agree to limit their use of social media and use it less than they would otherwise. What is the explanation for this? You’ll want to set apart unique occasions for only the two of you. You’ll return to lots of tagged wedding pictures and comments if you skip social media, which will make the special newlywed moment even more special.

You’ll be able to relax and enjoy yourself.

Although many soon-to-be newlyweds adhere to stringent nutritional, exercise, or lifestyle regimens in preparation for their wedding day, be sure to unwind and enjoy the honeymoon a little (or a lot). Consider what indulgence means to you as a woman and as a couple, and then take advantage of it. If it’s a couple drinks and a delectable cake, a lavish spa session or just ditching reminders and plans, make sure to shake things up and really let go so you can enjoy yourself to the fullest.

There’s a Chance You’ll See the Sun Rising

Sunrises and sunsets are commonly associated with alarm clocks and the passing of time, but they are beautiful while you’re on holiday. Although seeing both can be overwhelming, make sure to set aside time to share at least one of them with your partner. Early one morning, get up and watch the sunrise from a particular vantage point. (Make sure the coffee is ready.) Alternatively, if being up before the sun comes up seems like torture, go for the latter and cuddle up with a glass of wine while watching the sunset after a wonderful day spent with your new partner.

You’re going to take a lot of photos.

While we all agree that a photograph is worth a thousand words, we believe that wedding and honeymoon pictures are much more valuable. Be sure to take plenty of pictures during your adventure, while keeping a balance between being present in the moment and loving it while still recording it. Fire away and then make a folder or picture book when you get home to keep physical mementos of this once-in-a-lifetime journey to share for years and decades to come.


It’s possible that it won’t live up to your expectations.

You’ve been fantasizing about this trip for a long time, and you’ve perfected every imagined moment. It’s a good idea to talk about your goals before you board your flight so that what you’ve dreamed up doesn’t fall short. Brotherson claims that being on the same page about everything from sex to how much R&R you’ll need for your honeymoon will be “the perfect preparation for a beautifully optimistic and rewarding honeymoon experience.”


You’re going to get worn out.

Of course, the honeymoon would be full of memorable and incredible experiences, but don’t be surprised if anything unforeseen occurs—perfectly it’s usual. “Most partners are tired,” says April Masini, a relationship specialist. “They’ve been arranging the wedding, worrying about the engagement, and looking after everyone but themselves.”

Masini recommends that couples take a red-eye flight straight from the reception to the honeymoon to avoid fatigue. “There’s a good chance you’ll sleep on the plane and arrive at your destination in the middle of the day,” Masini says. “You should take a nap and wake up refreshed and ready to romp on your first night—give or take a few time zones.” Alternatively, you can put off your honeymoon for a week, a month, or even a year. “This allows you to rest up for a fantastic honeymoon that you would normally snooze on,” Masini points out.


It’s possible that you’ll like to relax in your hotel room.

In their honeymoons, what do people do? Occasionally, there isn’t much at all. One bride told us she was looking forward to an adventure-filled holiday in Cancun, but she and her groom never left the honeymoon suite. “While I read and watched movies, he played video games,” she said. “It sounds so dull, but we were both really looking for a way to unwind.” It’s not only about having to unwind; it’s also about spending a day (or more) together to process the big life transition.

“My husband and I stayed in our hotel room the first day of our honeymoon, with the exception of going out to eat. After all of the preparation and anticipation, all we needed to do was unwind and be with each other, utterly disconnected from the outside world. Following that, we went out and participated in a variety of outdoor events, but first, we secluded ourselves in the bed! “another bride shared her experience.

It’s perfectly normal for you to fight.

What might possibly be a source of contention on your honeymoon? Really, quite a little. Spending 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with someone, let alone your new partner, can be challenging. “It’s not uncommon to have a fight on your honeymoon when feelings from the wedding are always running heavy,” says Dr. Jane Greer, a relationship specialist in New York. But there’s no reason to wonder “what this means for your future”—it simply means you’re a regular couple.

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