What is a Marriage Plan


setting and then helping a companys objectives are important because its through this that i can engage business in a dialogue with them if youre not working for a specific objective how are you supposed to know if your business strategy is working the clients are trained to set goals and made aware of their progress which in turn results in them keeping track of the things they have to do in order to help them stay motivated it is important to follow practices to the final conclusion to hit the targets before all of that will happen they can even consider it though they must put the plans into action begin with a strong dream or vision giving people the challenge of making goals usually involves some kind of financial target such as a certain sum of money that they want to gain often theyll have a good picture of what they want to do with the money but other times they only pick a dollar for no reason other than that they have been told theyre supposed to the older version of this is the tale has been popular in business for decades a harvard class of thirty first year graduates has never lost money on graduation day one of the students replied do you have specific career or academic interests a response of yes was received from 3 of respondents ten years after those individuals had a new roles assigned to them and they were re-evaluated our objective analysis concluded that the 3 of the students who had expressed expectations were more motivated than the other 97 of the class so interesting as for as for having no excuses it might just be the story is true i cant think of any that can hold us back the secret to setting goals is to success is to be as precise as possible and to provide a measurement for the intermediate progress that will take you toward achieving your larger ones until earning more money you have to know just where youre going to and how youre going to get it how much money will you get when you get it and when will you get it there are certain actions that you must do to get where youre going so youre career hunting maybe i will increase your salary when a new customers are added to an existing customer base when do you want and return to college to complete your education to what do you need to take to get to in order to get to the earnings goal lay out a timeline for each phase in the plan to help you track and stay on top of the work progress this step expands on the previous step and involves setting goals together 2 things are vital when it comes to goal setting as a couple to begin with it is completely acceptable to set individual objectives but you must also include your partner in the goal-setting process that way the objectives match their priorities you may want to make a lot of money but if one of you has it earmarked for college and the other is making a lot of money without children you may be disoriented but in my opinion it is still better to dream on your own remember it is crucial that you learn what is important to you and communicate it to your significant other if you miss step 1 and go straight to step 2 the more vocal or forceful of the partnership will lead the discussion and the weaker one will actually go along with theirs because they dont have any other ambitions partnership process it is a continuing process which requires the participation of all of all members of the group when you do this regularly communicate your fantasy with your spousepartnersignificant other to see if their perfect picture matches it up to the scheme theyve rehesis shown to you over time finally the vision is brought to life by the three step process of visualization expansion and presentation it is also important to imagine your dreams as if they were real so that you can help to reinforce them nearly everybody is visual which is why images are a large of proportion in their everyday life the visualization technique is a process by which you take control of your dreams and give your subconscious the freedom to exercise its creative capabilities pictures are widely used by the brain for both thinking and understanding when you want to develop and strengthen your brain muscles be sure to deliver it in visual form i have no idea why this wouldnt be a simple task in a union of two human brains the surprise people have when they find out that one partner likes to fly and the other only wants to spend time with the family doesnt is unreasonable because their priorities in life differ is a lot after years of marriage let the imaginations soar visualize your dreams talk about the long-term and short-term objectives society and the media have shown us how much we do or how well we have it if we have it so determine if were going to put up a battle is worthwhile or not by finding out whether you are if not on the same page consider saving some old magazines for later so you can generate some creative inspiration later in the evening in addition to that explain to your visual counterpart why you selected the photograph you just cut out for show you have the final photo collection all together as you paste all of the photographs onto a larger sheet of cardboard to create a collage of your dreams it is imperative that you have a picture board together and that you make sure to put it on your refrigerator to show each other that you are all in agreement on your goals and the best way to achieve them looking at your hopes and aspirations as partners rather than as something that you would do over time as a couple makes it easier to remain attached to what is vital to you companies produce corporate plans and mission statements to focus their operations and pboards for the ideal life they are living for the future in their lobby families display image charts in their homes to remind themselves of what they want to attain for the fridge there are many different kinds of love but what is the perfect definition of love liz was upset and angry faced with the challenge of having to restrain herself she threw her belongings into her purse and slammed drawers why is he such a pain in the ass the rent has arrived late again and he says dont worry you will not be affected by it ive had it up to here with this all he would tell is dont worry and his energy provider would be shut off whether the payment becomes misplaced if its a high or not theres no way for him to pay his bill at the proper temperature it would be all right let a grip on yourself until i got married i believed i would have someone to help shoulder my problems with rather than have someone neglect them doesnt he give an s- barry was all worked up i said to myself why does anything i say make her cry i was just having a little fun sisters get upset with me but she seems to take it even more personally than that why does she have to have to be so touchy about that we almost always find ourselves on the opposite side to those who say something thoughtful in our serious discussions and tired theres no benefit to it this is not the life i thought we would have when we got married this doesnt work for me ive had enough of this liz and barry seem to have good reasons for their feelings lizs husband mike can dozes off and seems to show no reaction to something that is even the slightest and michelle overreacts to everything mike does as they have little to do in their he middle-of-of-the-the-the-day rush-hour employment day after day they continue to feel completely drained despite the fact that they have not acknowledged even to themselves maybe deep inside they were always curious if they were still in love with the right guy to the days when they had never been together beforeback when they were seeing no past and no future engagements and when the hunt for love was only beginningwill both evaluate the situation and draw a line when it becomes irrelevant well do it for those who need it and see what we discover liz has always been on edge of nervousness over something but after she finished school she would constantly get headaches because of studying for tests when she started to get responses from the colleges before her peers did she began calling the admissions office every day and she was so anxious that this had happened liz also recognized that she was way too nervous for anything but was unable to control this facet of her personality as she did in the presence of an individual she describes the feeling of being at ease in mikes company was totally new to her since he had a quiet unruffledgened demeanor she relaxed into his company and she found herself having a better time than average time with him when she got engaged she was certain that she would be accompanied by mike she felt like things would turn out barrys need for his own home was well known by his parents still his parents had to allow their house to be somewhat altered because he loved them so much somehow for some reason it seems like his parents marriage was one in which his mother wasnt on the same wavelength as his father barry discovered that when he was still a young that his mother was accomplished in many ways but didnt have much in the way of empathy the qualities which were important to him such as intimacy fairness respect mutuality dependability loyalty and friendship that a couple should share when they married became clear to him the first thing he found was her amazing sensitivity when he saw her was that they michelle met him what she said had a tendency to befall on all who were there at the time and all those who were there as barry grew to know michelle better he found that he really respected her in some other way and when they got engaged he discovered that he had met someone he could really confide in and be and with whom he could express his emotions he realized that he had found the one person who understood him completely its real however as clichd as it is because no one is flawless instead of learning about the negative traits more people want to only focus on their good ones unproductive ones this means that some people people who have the tendency to be cool composed can afford to ignore things that are genuinely important whilst others who are nervous are worried stress out another useful expansion of this idea is that some who are really conscientious and kind about how they deal with others could be afflicted by other people may be almost as bothered by their own victims marriage and unions in particular require you to appreciate all the qualities of your partner with an understanding that these positive characteristics may not be present in every other traits that you may dislike and to acknowledge those traits you appreciate in your spouse and adapt to those you dislike the most important thing you can do is to get a new view through the eyepiece is to try to re-focus your scope instead of concentrating on when it is difficult for liz to keep calm instead on those instances in which she has found it difficult to do that liz focuses on how capable she finds mike of calming her concerning michelle he constantly focusing on how he makes her feel is ok with putting her emotional issues on hold and understand where her own emotions are for barry means dealing with her vulnerability and acknowledging the reality that her feelings might be delicate its never too late to do the right thing because even though it is you never will be too late to do whats never been done when liz becomes angry mike will realize that hes inadvertently inflicting more pain on her by using his sardonic remarks a way to help her cope would be for michelle to realize that barry was kidding but liz will only get irritated if he continues to tease her the more your commitment to your appreciation for your partner is the stronger would be your marital bond for each spouse makes your appreciation for the other a daily exercise

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