Amazing Tips to Blow Your Partner’s Mind in Bed


Amazing Bedtime Tricks to Blow Your Partner’s Mind

A couple of easy, sexy tricks will spark a fire under your sex life when it comes to sex tips for married couples. To re-energize your sex life, you don’t have to buy a lot of expensive sex dolls or offer to have hot wax dripped on your body. A little bit of passion and maybe a surprise here and there will also go a long way. You will blow your partner’s mind in bed by just doing a few simple things. It’s as easy as that.

Send a Couple of Raunchy Text Messages


Sexting is a nice warm-up for the main event: the sex that will follow. Sexting has the advantage of allowing you to say whatever you want without having to worry about uncomfortable silence. You have the choice to be more daring and just go for it. Instead of submitting the standard “Can’t wait to see you naked” sext, try something a little more raunchy. In as many adjectives as possible, describe in explicit detail what you want your partner to do to you later.


Wait for your partner to get naked before you do something.


Keep an eye out for your partner naked as he or she enters the room. Coming home from a long day at the workplace to see you almost naked would make your partner’s day. You’ll be the winner of the hour even if you skip the sex and simply give him or her a naked massage.


Extend the Foreplay


And we’re all too distracted, it’s all too easy to miss the build-up and get straight to the sex. Maintenance sex is vital for maintaining a close relationship with your partner, but it shouldn’t be the only sex you have. Make sure you schedule some time for slow, passionate sex at least once a month. Schedule a full 30 minutes of foreplay on a Saturday or Sunday (we understand, the week is hectic). Begin with a sensual massage and a thorough examination of each other’s bodies. This will allow you to bond on a deeper emotional level, increasing the intensity of your relationship.


Oral Offers for No Strings


I’ll be the first to confess that I offer my head for the sake of getting my head. It’s just rational to want to be reciprocated. Instead, give oral sex without expecting your partner to reciprocate this time. This relieves the pressure on him or her and helps them to relax and completely enjoy the experience. Nothing is more enticing than a mate who is fully engrossed in your enjoyment. Making your girlfriend feel good is a big turn-on.

Incorporate a Toy into Your Bedtime Routine


The addition of sex dolls to gratification ups the ante. A tiny finger vibrator is perfect because they are non-scary and entertaining additions to your already fantastic sex life. It’s an excellent complement to every sexual encounter.

Make your sexiest fantasies a reality.


Keep track of the partner’s fantasies if he or she discusses them. Is he interested in portraying the handyman who comes to patch the pipes? Is she a cop on the scene to look at a noise complaint? If you don’t want to, you don’t have to go to a costume shop and buy a whole costume. You can quickly fashion a costume out of things you already have around the house. The imagination is responsible for half of the fantasy.

Toss about a little friendly spanking


Spanking is the practice of dipping your toes into kink without really immersing yourself in it. Before you start bucking, make sure your buddy is into spanking. Some people like it, while others do not, and shocking anyone while they are having sex can be awkward… Go ahead and spank him or her if you know he or she enjoys it. It reverberates throughout the entire sexual experience. Start slowly and gradually increase the intensity of your strokes.

Blindfold yourself with an improvised blindfold.


Use a tee shirt or a sleep mask as a blindfold in the same way you would a spanking. It’s a small, harmless relationship that seldom causes alarm. Place your partner on the floor, close his or her eyes, and spend some time exploring their body. Visual deprivation can be a massive turn on, because it can make the other senses come alive.

Inform your partner about how attractive he or she is.


It’s perfectly acceptable if you don’t want to engage in dirty talk. You are not required to discuss your partner’s rough or wet body parts. Instead, remind him or her how hot he or she is and how much you like what they’re doing. Being in a state of vulnerability when it comes to sex is dangerous. You’re just nude, and you want to feel good for yourself by making each other feel good. Validating your partner’s physical prowess is a great way to feel engaged and in the moment with each other.

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